The British Fashion Council’s fight against Brexit

The British Fashion Council is making a stand against Brexit, speaking openly and passionately about the dramatic impacts the decision to leave could have for their industry.

The organisation released an official statement on behalf of their industry. “As the British Fashion Council, we cannot emphasise strongly enough that a no-deal Brexit is a scenario that should be avoided at all costs. The ongoing uncertainty and confusion that a no deal creates will have a negative impact on our industry, where investment is already being impacted from the uncertainty being faced. A no-deal situation will result in no transition period, and with an industry that is predominantly small-medium enterprises, we would struggle to cope with the trade realities that it would bring.”

Looking forward, should the British Fashion Council not get their way, a multitude of challenges will be facing the industry. Delays in shipping, particularly from manufacturing and textile dominant locations such as Italy, Portugal and Romania, as well as the transfer of people in and out of countries could be enough to sink some smaller or newer brands.

In the wake of a potential disaster, The British Fashion Council has established a Brexit Technical Working Group who are analysing and making plans for the potential impacts that the United Kingdom leaving the EU may have for the industry. Individuals from a variety of areas in the fashion industry have been inducted into this group, all passionate about the future of fashion in Britain.

The British Fashion Council is calling for a peoples vote, as they believe that their government has continued to demonstrate a lack of certainty or the ability to take charge of this dire situation. Prime minister Theresa May is facing a vote of no confidence, further mystifying the industry as to their future.