The Glow Recipe x Makeup Fridge

Fridges are not a new phenomenon; we all know that. But have you thought about a fridge for your skincare products? The latest beauty craze is Makeup Fridge's mini skincare refrigerator. It's small, compact and perfect for storing your skincare goodies.

A skincare refrigerator ensures skincare products are always lovely and fresh whenever you need to use it. Especially since skincare brands are increasingly welcoming more natural ingredients, these products mustn't go "0ff" when we apply it to our skin.

The Glow Recipe, a leading Korean skincare brand, has collaborated with Makeup Fridge to create a limited-edition skincare refrigerator. It sports a youthful and fun pink sheen while allowing the customer to customise the face of it with various stickers and emblems.

The compact design allows it to sit comfortably on a bathroom counter or even tucked away in a cupboard (but why would you not want to show this off?). Think soothingly cold sheet masks every time.

This collab is available online now at