the leather shoe popularity is collapsing

With the increasing popularity of sneakers and the shoppers’ gradually spreading interests in ethical fashion, the demand for leather shoes has been going down majorly in the past few years.

The growing consumption of beef by the American population, amplifies the production of leather, creating a surplus of material. In fact, even though leather is a versatile and commonly used element, the footwear industry remains one of the primary buyers.

Nevertheless, the recent trends in the fashion industry are putting a shade on the leather footwear business.
In fact, the global sustainable movement that has recently emerged has encouraged designers and environmentally conscious consumers to use non-leather alternatives and innovative techniques that are better for the environment and the future. Brands such as Adidas, who has created shoes made of recycled plastic, or the Berlin-based vegan shoe brand Avesu, who makes shoes out of materials such as Gore-Tex, natural and recycled rubber, cork, or recycled bottles.

However, the primary factor putting a strain on the leather shoe demand is our growing interest for the comfortable and versatile sneakers. Their rising popularity is slowing down the sale of leather high heels and dress shoes and will in the near future force the beef industry to find new ways to use their hides.