Tigerlily expands New Zealand presence

Women’s fashion and accessory brand Tigerlily have committed to further expanding their brand into New Zealand to reach their kiwi fans. This expansion will come in the form of a tailored e-commerce platform, so New Zealand based shoppers can better navigate the brand’s services as well as a new physical holding.

The label’s new store will be in the newly redeveloped Newmarket shopping centre and will feature the brand’s refreshing new store design. This aesthetic was first debuted by the company six months ago and has been described by merchandise and supply chain director, Gareth Connolly, as a much cleaner and more open look than their previously cluttered spaces.

“We wanted the product to be a hero,” explained Connolly. “We embellish stores with just a beautiful living palm tree, instead of a bird cage and map of the world. It’s got a cleaner atmosphere so you’re not distracted by the rug, cushions and maps. It’s just about telling people that this is what we sell – not furniture.”