Top footwear trend as seen at Expo Riva Schuh

Expo Riva Schuh is the most important footwear shows for buyers and designers alike. Found in Italy, Expo Riva Schuh and Gardabags share a showground of over 32,000sqm to give visitors twice the expo. More and more manufacturers are becoming extremely cautious of their impact and are paying careful attention to the matter of eco-sustainability. A common theme among manufacturers at the expo was eco-sustainability, utilising recycled and salvaged materials. Waste components like rubber and plastic are the norm in footwear, but cork became the favoured material for soles – which has a 100 percent natural origin. Respecting the environment by using ecological materials is hitting all the right buttons for consumers and isn't compromising on style. Meanwhile at Gardabags, they made good use of waste materials and by-products the leather industry. A higher quality of sustainable products can be found at Gardabags thanks to the use of traditional methods combined with craftsmanship.

The 94th edition of Expo Riva Schuh is 13-16 June 2020. Gardabags will also be held at the same time and venue.