Tosca & Salome

After travelling with her husband and living in Spain, Bex Riley became inspired by the local artisans and beautiful surroundings, eventually leading to the inception of Tosca & Salome. Originally starting as a truck filled with her findings, Riley quickly expanded online and began working her way to a physical location.

The store started as a popup in Takapuna, where it has now become a permanent fixture. Riley was drawn to the beach and is constantly developing the Boho aesthetic of the store.

“The environment here seemed a perfect fit with the clothes and the items the store is filled with,” said Riley.

For Riley the response to opening has been great, she said opening the store has been the best decision for the business and has helped in its continued growth.

Being New Zealand’s first owner of a fashion truck, Riley is also one of the first to cater her entire range to the Boho style, describing her regular customers as free spirits who love the beach, the ocean, and regular festival attendees.

“I’ve really kept the store aesthetic as Boho as possible - inspired by my travels to make it into a super little Boho inspired lifestyle store,” said Riley.

However, transitioning from online to bricks and mortar was not easy, with Riley having to learn on the fly about staffing and maintaining a physical location.

Much like other new retailers opening up, Instagram has served as an invaluable tool for Riley to connect not only with existing, but new customers, with the store’s account boasting almost 10,000 followers.

Riley sources a lot of her stock from Australia, but has also branched out to California brands, all of which are in line with the Boho theme. Forecasting for 2016, Riley said to look for tassels in the winter, with crochet detailing coming through in the summer months.

While still new, Riley is already looking at possible expansions, with goals to open a second Auckland store on the other side of the bridge, however no final destination has been confirmed.