âme pure specialises in luxury skincare and at-home micro-needling treatments. Taking the world by storm, micro-needling has had a sales growth of 100 percent from 2016 to 2017. Promoting the use of their dermaroller paired with their unique skincare formulas, CEO Morten Sundsto explained they sold over 200,000 devices in 2017 alone. A standard skincare cream has 0.5 percent active ingredients, whereas âme pure has 50 percent and five to ten times more ingredients. "It comes as no surprise that the customers get incredible results," said Sundsto.

Micro-needling used to be found only in clinics just a few years ago, âme pure was the very first company to investigate the concept and reimagine it for consumers. Seventy percent of dermarollers sold are intended for home treatment.

"Since we started in 2014, we have had an annual revenue growth of minimum 100 percent and always turned a profit. Going forward, we expect further strong growth and even an improvement of the margins. We are focusing on new territories, new channels, and will continue to develop and introduce new devices and skin care formulations containing high-end active ingredients and breathtaking design."