“In an industry that has been called fickle and shallow, I’m proud to be rebuilding women’s self-esteem, changing the way women feel about themselves, through the art of cosmetic eyebrow tattoos.

I’m founder of Feather Brow Couture and I’m an experienced eyebrow specialist. I’ve built my business on my sensitivity to the value of, and appreciation for the perfectly arched brow.

During the pregnancy of my first son, I developed an autoimmune disease, Alopecia, which resulted in my eyebrow hair falling out. In my efforts to mask the baldness and recover my self-confidence, I sought the help of the best eyebrow tattooists of the time and sadly, the results were heartbreakingly less than perfect.

Initially I visited the studio of one of the best tattooists and it would be fair to say that my confidence was in tatters. The results we horrific, there was very little consultation about what my face shape suited, discussion about the outcomes and when I looked in the mirror I was horrified.

Driven by my frustration, I decided to set up a brow bar, I thought to myself 'I'm not going to let anyone else touch my eyebrows anymore; I'm going to do it myself. I am committed to providing an intimate experience, working hand in hand with my clients to fine tune their vision for their brows, educate them about the process, the after care and potential results before beginning the procedure.

Someday I hope to share my expertise and knowledge through a boutique school for cosmetic tattooists, I’m really passionate about raising the standard for the cosmetic tattooing industry and keen to call out colleges that are graduating students without the necessary education and experience to perform the clinical procedures.

My consultation process involves a thorough measurement of my clients’ anatomy including bone structure, fat pads, face shape and skin tone before making recommendations, developing stencils and testing various styles to enhance my clients’ natural beauty.

One of the most important things during the consultation is understanding our language, being clear on our interpretations of a style and making sure that my idea of the word natural is aligned to your idea of natural, or bushy, arched or sculpted – whatever the case may be.

I absolutely love working with older clients, their skin is so responsive to the treatment and the impact is outstanding, many people remark that they look 10 to 15 years younger. As we age, our eyebrows dip slightly as the soft tissue around the brow loses its fatty deposits – this means the shape that we design needs slightly higher arches. Each design is truly customised to ensure it suits my clients face.

Recently, I’ve founded a program to support and celebrate women of courage and strength. The program receives hundreds of nominations from the community, and I now have the difficult task of narrowing these down to a handful of candidates who receive a complimentary Feather Brow Couture transformation. These transformations change the lives of women who have experienced hair loss and skin damage often as a result of cancer or fire damage.”