Amy Roberts’ background is in fashion design and technology, with training in small businesses. She says she fell into fashion out of a hobby to sew when she was younger. “I never identified with fashion or the fashion industry but enjoyed the element of creating and making. My friend and I were about 10 when we started making leg warmers and skirts at our local ballet school. We were selling handmade pieces for a few bucks,” Roberts said. Self-taught, Roberts claims she’s not a seamstress and only has core competencies. Working with local manufacturers, all of the construction is completed by factories in SA and Melbourne.

“I am motivated by the ethos to create change. To ensure that I’m doing good in my chosen field. For me, that means ethical manufacturing but also mindful design (pieces that are versatile and season-less) but also using fabrics that cause minimal impact to the environment.” She’s been working for almost five years but in the past year now has causal helpers. She says she’s very fortunate to have had family and friends close by to help when things were busy in the beginning, and she was still learning to juggle. Her brand is four years old this May, with an additional year of brand development and research. “I started the business using only natural plant and ‘vege’ dyes, hence Vege Threads!” Patagonia, the outdoor company, was a real source of inspiration. The founder wrote a book called ‘Let My People Go Surfing’ “and it’s a wonderful text for anyone starting a clothing business or any business really.” Her future plans are to keep things the way they are, as well as improving design, quality and transparency in her supply chain.