Kate Fisher has always been passionate about fashion. She knows that’s a cliché, but she’s got the life history to prove it: she cut out paper clothes for her dolls, she learned to sew at the age of ten, and she enrolled at Whitecliffe at 15. “If I ever were to believe in destiny,” she commented, “fashion would be mine.”

After she graduated from Massey University with Honours – and winning plenty of awards along the way – Fisher interned with Kate Sylvester. Several of her designs feature in the brand’s Summer 2019 collection.

She’s been working as a tailor in Auckland since, but felt the drive to create taking over – that’s why she’s recently started her own brand. Her collection Club Daydreamers will show at Vancouver Fashion Week, and is a somewhat androgynous collection inspired by ultra-feminine looks fused with modern punk. Fisher imagines a gang of club-going daydreamers who are rebelling against conformity. This collection is a rebellious fantasy interrupting reality. 

She’s excited to see the crowd reaction at VFW. “I really want it to be fun, energetic, and have a lot of ‘wow’ moments,” she stated.  

Fisher doesn’t limit her clothing to male or female markets, instead selling her garments as non-binary and universal. She acknowledges the fluidity of gender and how fashion is one of the major ways in which people express their identity and labels. “My brand is both feminine and masculine,” she commented. “It’s powerful and sensitive, and caters to a market that accepts, and is diverse itself.” She hopes showing at VFW will illustrate that this message resonates on an international platform.

Fisher is the sole worker behind her self-titled brand, and currently only creates made-to-order garments.