Victoria Beckham and Reebok Spring Collection

Victoria Beckham has collaborated with footwear giant Reebok for a spring collection which combines a variety of men’s, women’s and unisex products.

The collection uses a bright orange flavour alongside crisp blacks and whites, to create a bold streetwear line. Highlights include slouchy drawstring trousers, a short-sleeved hoodie and a sports bra leggings combo which combines sharp angles and elastic for an elite sporty appearance.

Beckham released a comment detailing her decision to venture into sportswear. “I have wanted to venture into the fitness space for some time now and so this partnership really addresses a need in my own life. I’ve always struggled to find high-performance clothing that doesn’t compromise on style — and that’s exactly what I wanted to create. Working out is an integral part of my life, and so my vision for this has been really clear.” The collection is a collaboration of performance and fashion, according to the designer.

The incorporation of unisex items extends the reach of the collection, appealing to the rising gender-neutral market. Karen Reuther, a Reebok representative, spoke of the brand's enthusiasm towards these new and norm-challenging designs, and their choice to venture into the apparel industry. “[The line] is leading and inspiring direction for our brand in that it’s very inclusive cross-gender.…We are super-optimistic that it will broaden the reach of our brand to the places where we could be and should be playing in — the fashion space — but in a really authentic way.”

The partnered collection will be sold via a microsite and in premium stores.