Security threats to smart machinery

As our manufacturing continues to get smarter, it's not just our computers that can get hacked. It is crucial to protect your smart machinery as we move into a new age of connected devices and malicious cyber-attacks.

Attacks on smart machinery can include increasing the activity of a machine to dangerous levels or lowering cooking temperatures to result in food contamination. Whatever your business, being able to ensure the safety of your staff and customers, as well as the optimal function of your technology is crucial.

A new technical report has been published by ISO helping business owners and manufacturers alike to understand potential risks to their smart machinery and how to mitigate them. Chair of the ISO technical committee, Otto Görnemann, spoke confidently about the new report and its ability to benefit a range of industries. “[The report] will help machine manufacturers integrate the relationship between cybersecurity and machine safety,” explained Görnemann. “It will thus cover aspects such as the types of components that could be potential targets for cybersecurity attacks, the design of the machine to minimise vulnerability to such attacks and information for the machine operator on possible threats.”

Even with these advanced technical instructions being released, it is essential for business owners to understand how their smart machinery operates and keep a watchful eye out for any unusual activity. Cyber consciousness is critical in this new technological age.