The rumour mill is buzzing with news on Victoria’s Secret CEO Jane Singer’s apparent resignation. After only two years at the head of the lingerie company, Singer is rumoured to be abandoning ship following continued public out lash against the outdated brand.

Public reception toward Victoria’s Secret has been increasingly negative, with the company refusing to get with the times and embrace a diverse range of women in their marketing presentations. Customers dissatisfaction has been reflected in the companies shares, with the brand's parent company, L Brands, dropping 39 percent over the past year.

Singer's departure follows a string of sudden leadership changes for the company, as Singer initially replaced Sharen Jester Turney who resigned unexpectedly in 2016. It seems that no one wants to be at the head of a sinking ship. Without significant reparations to their public image, Victoria’s Secret Lingerie is looking to be overtaken in the market by more up to date brands.