Revolutionary designer Alice Potts is mixing fashion and science, embellishing her designs with eco-friendly and beautifully pigmented crystals made out of human sweat. Potts designs and manufactures the extraordinary zero-waste crystals and colours them with natural dyes such as pH-sensitive red cabbage.

Potts unique solution to sustainable fashion has won her the admiration of leading fashion experts around the world, including chief critic of Vogue Runway and the British Fashion Council’s ambassador for emerging talent, Sarah Mower. Support is being thrown in Potts direction, as her use of bodily fluids and unique techniques ticks both Mowers environmental and style boxes. Potts designs are as breathtaking as they are peculiar and signify an interesting new direction for an eco-friendly fashion designer.

Potts’s latest exhibition will be at the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens, where attendees will be encouraged to dance, run, cycle and sweat, all for the sake of Potts’s new research. The immersive new exhibit marks a new chapter in the designer's journey, and will likely result in a dazzling new collection.