Visual Merchandising with Service Denim

Keeping things simple, Service Denim’s décor is quiet so they can project what the brands are saying through the clothing. There is a complementary relationship between the labels Neuw Denim, Rolla’s Jeans, and Abrand Jeans. Each has its own story to tell. “It is important to stay true to what each brand has to say, and Service Denim is a space where each brand’s aesthetic is integrated into the area’s layout.” Currently in their Ponsonby store is Rolla’s collaboration with Sofia Richie where the front of the store is dedicated to the items she is endorsing. There are lots of soft pinks and fresh flowers, along with visuals of her in the clothing. “It really brings the people in and gives life to the brand and the clothing.”

We are naturally drawn to something that is visually pleasing, and the display needs to accomplish that.

Visual merchandising is key to maintaining a store’s foot traffic and sales. The way Service Denim approach it is by incorporating empathy to the layout. “It is taking into consideration the desire of the customer and the clothing's purpose. Clothes shopping is a very intimate and tactile ritual. We are naturally drawn to something that is visually pleasing, and the display needs to accomplish that. I focus on a few concepts when it comes to achieving this: colours, textiles and themes. Clothes all have a function to them, and they can be arranged together to communicate a mood or idea to an individual. It is anticipating what the customers are seeking, what they are buying it for, and being able to suggest other items that can fit the tone too.”

The team at Service Denim agreed that not maintaining the aesthetics of the shop space is the biggest mistake retailers make. The mess from general handling instore or haphazardly folded clothes is unappealing as well.

It is so important to keep the area and the clothing tidy. That shows respect and value towards being in the store and for the product. A tidy and fresh store with a solid aesthetic is so pleasing to experience.

While the team currently focuses on the arrangement of clothing, sometimes occasions such as Valentine’s Day rolls around and they might colour coordinate parts of the store to reflect the theme. “Success in sales with these types of events, in my opinion, really comes down to what it is you are selling and the experience the customer has when they go into the store.”