Jason Wu to take the stage at CES Asia 2019

CES Asia has announced a star-studded panel for its 2019 expo, which kicks off today in Shanghai.

Speakers include Chinese fashion designer Masha Ma; renowned designer Jason Wu; co-founder and marketing director of Ontimeshow Aroma Xie; founder of yehyehyeh and style editorial director of Modern Media Group Shaway Yeh; and CEO of Chatail Xuan Zheng.

The panel will meet to discuss the connected worlds of technology and fashion.

"Fashion and innovation have never been more connected, as designers and entrepreneurs embrace technology to advance their creative vision and grow their brands," said Karen Chupka, executive vice president of CES. "Every company today is a tech company. We welcome these renowned innovators to the CES Asia stage as they examine how technology is revolutionising the world of fashion and design."