Vlad Tichen, Blogger, Stylist

"My fashion thesis is simple. F*** the idols.

Being sceptical, suspicious, reluctant to accept any kind of fashion and style authority is the key to understanding the unique ways of fashion, its trends, general perception, and industry analysis. These skills you’d need to possess in order to earn the acknowledgement, and eventually steal the show. 

One of the most powerful ways to succeed in that field, is to build a social media persona. To do that, take note of all those bits and pieces scattered around you - books, weather, TV commercials, your grandfather’s tie collection, the last album of Frank Ocean… 

You’re creating a super-hero, an invincible alter-ego, someone who’s stronger, faster, smarter, and more cunning than you. Because today no one’s interested in who you really are, we inject the image of who we WANNABE through the good old Instagram into the vein of, well, public opinion. Then we sit back and see whether it was a good medicine.

For me, the need to create some kind of metaphysical, punch-in-the-face fashion project was engrossing. I possessed the necessary knowledge and the industry insight, and had a lot to say. What I needed was some kind of a cool transmission channel, with stylistically appealing ways of execution. That’s how Bad Wears Good was born.

Since I established my brand, it was easy for the right people to get to know me and what I do. As for now, I have a fashion Instagram account @BadWearsGood along with the website www.badwearsgood.com, but there is more to Bad Wears Good than just a mere online presence. 

I do styling work for movies preparing some cool authentic looks for some damn good actors, write fashion/menswear-related content for online editorials, work with a couple of footwear and apparel companies improving their brand awareness through the social media presence, creating the brand philosophy, building quality website content - all that jazz.

I also collaborate with Samsung NZ, and was currently involved in the campaign for Galaxy Note7, doing some photography at New Zealand Fashion Week (backstage, street style, catwalks, etc.), creating some content for Samsung, and using my social media channels to boost the hype.

There’s a lot of work, but I enjoy every second of what I do. People that I meet along the way are my kinda people, and the vibe I get from them is the right kinda vibe. And you know what? It keeps me going pretty damn hard. 

So yeah, f*** the idols. But thank God for friends."