Waves by Jasmin Sparrow

Designed in isolation, Jasmin Sparrow’s SS21 collection Waves celebrates a newfound sense of calm and ease. An ode to elegance that translates into every day, the collection features luxurious pieces that embrace experimentation and are encouraged to be enjoyed in the here and now, rather than stored away for a special occasion.

The collection echoes the circular and organic silhouettes found in nature; the Moon chain’s circular flattened discs overlap one another and sit close on the skin-hugging the natural curve of the décolletage and neckline, wrist, and ankle. The pearl clusters of the Treasure earring, remind us of treasures discovered along the shoreline. The Wave earrings and delicate Wave ring add an elegant and structural contrast, and are perfect layered with one’s personal collection.

Shot by Karen Inderbitzen-Waller and Delphine Avril Planqueel, the Waves campaign sees a return to the spirited attitude of Sparrow’s earlier collections in the form of bold colour and playful poses. To creative director Jasmin Scott, the shoot acts as a celebration of local creative talent, as well as a nod to the content that can be produced at an international level on New Zealand shores.

Video has been used as a new medium this season to communicate the way that each thoughtfully designed piece moves and flows with the wearer. In times when getting in front of an international audience in person is increasingly challenging, experimentation through video brings newfound energy and offers a lifelike glimpse of the jewellery.

Much like treasures carefully gathered over time, Jasmin Sparrow’s collections past and present are intrinsically intertwined. Each piece crafted to be mixed and matched with those that have come before — never forgotten as season’s change. Keeping best sellers available permanently is an ongoing testament to creative director Jasmin Scott’s brand philosophy of pieces that stand the test of time. Forgoing seasons and trends, instead created to be passed down through generations. From the Jasmin Sparrow Sentiments initiative, an online space designed to encourage the brand’s community to consume more consciously, to the way each collection has gently evolved so that pieces from years ago feel just as relevant today, Jasmin Sparrow approaches sustainability in a multi-faceted way, and this new collection is a beautiful culmination of the slow design philosophy that has driven the designer since the beginning.

The new collection is now available at jasminsparrow.com and through selected stockists worldwide.