What is the future of footwear?

Gain actionable insights about the future of the footwear industry at the Global Footwear Executive Summit in Hong Kong this March. Where industry leaders will present a bold programme that shows the complete footwear supply chain and covers production processes as well as retail. Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America (FDRA) are co-organising this year's event with APLF.

The 2019 Summit's agenda:

  • 4.0 in Action- Footwear Agility Applications
  • Sustainability in Action: Cutting through the do-gooder hype
  • Quality Control Considerations: Are the shoes you've sourced meeting your quality and compliance expectations?
  • How Can Leather Regain Market Share in the Footwear Segment
  • The Future of Footwear is Now! AR, AI, CADs and digital development
  • Impact of Trade Policy
  • Consumer Shifts and How Sales and Stores are Impacted
  • Retail in Action: Multichannel Madness