When Innovation, Smart Design & Experience Matter

smartfabric facemasks are part of Identity Solutions Ltd (also known as Identity’s) who has a proud New Zealand history of successfully supporting the apparel and fashion industry for over 23 years.

With a tradition of providing high-value/high-quality products, services, and technology through our global partner suppliers, Identity's sought to develop

innovation in face masks. Basically, design a better mask. Using high-tech materials, the brand has developed an innovative and safer face mask option that offers superior user benefits. It’s what is behind smartfabric masks and its design that sets them apart from most other face masks.

Our re-useable masks offer a choice of interchangeable or built-in filter options, fit customisation choices, the use of smartfabric and SILVERGUARD materials and design features that make them more comfortable to wear and breathe but, importantly, with increased protection.

“Our experience and global partnerships allowed us to put together very best ideas, materials and innovation in design that determined our range of five different models (live, work, biz, study and staysmart options) that along with our filters, sanitising pouches and fit features suit the Kiwi lifestyle needs, whether at work, in life or play," said Owner, Simon Wall.

The smartfabric machine washable range provides unique features that include:

smartfabric material – scientifically researched outer layers delivering comfort, durability and wearability that won’t fade and breakdown
Model choice and ear/neck options – the lanyard options or alternative ear loop/grommets offer significantly better fit and wearability across a wide range of work and lifestyle environments
SILVERGUARD filters/pouches – the unique filter and mask care options using scientifically proven silver to neutralise and kill bacteria and viruses (including coronavirus), increasing safety
Shape – the distinctive shape (parrot) means comfort, ease of use (talking, breathing), protection through extended particle capture, resulting in superior lifestyle performance
Customisation – they offer stock items but also full custom options to enable organisations to make their own fashion statement.

Whether their custom or buy now options online, Identity's distributes and sells to both wholesale and direct customers and provide significant discounts for volume orders.

Check them out today at www.smartfabric.nz or contact them directly at support@smarkfabric.nz.

smartfabric masks are NOT medical devices and are not guaranteed to prevent virus transmission. Masks should be worn in conjunction with applicable safe distancing and regular hand washing measures. When using a mask avoid touching your face with your hands.

* Branded mask image is a ‘mock-up only’ and the logo’s shown are the property of the registered owner.