We sat down with Auckland-based designer Caitlin Crisp to talk about her latest collection and what she is planning to do during the lockdown. Caitlin debuted her designs to the nation in the first season of New Zealand Project Runway.

Show us your favourite garment in your latest collection. Why is it your favourite?

Our glasshouse dress, in either colour (available in both blue and white). I’m wearing it today! It’s the best all-occasion dress. It’s work appropriate; It’s machine washable, it’s comfortable, I can’t think of an ‘everyday’ occasion that I wouldn’t want to wear it to. It’s definitely been the top pick for a lot of people so far.

What was it inspired by?

I love classic oversized shirts as they’re such a great go-to, so I knew I wanted to incorporate a shirt or shirt dress into this collection. I started with a classic oversized shirt, and then I started playing around with pinning it to my body to create an interesting shape and style. Nothing too complicated, I wanted it to be easy to wear and functional, so of course, I added inseam pockets!

Do you think it is important for New Zealanders to #supportlocal?

We have everything we need here to thrive, in every essential industry and more. When you purchase clothing made in New Zealand you are supporting so many local businesses: the pattern maker, the fabric supplier, the maker, the retailer etc. etc., all directly supporting the NZ economy. There is so much available here. There isn’t a ‘need’ to buy offshore at all.

What is your brand doing during the lockdown?

I had to move house very quickly and launch Season Two online within the same week, so that has been time-consuming! Now that things have settled, I have started looking at what this means for us and the future of the brand. I have been working on an exciting new product, but the shipping restrictions mean that this may or may not go ahead- we’ll see.

We respect the seriousness of the situation, and with a lot of my nearest and dearest being in Healthcare, I am just doing my part to support them. It’s a crazy shift to go from a fast-paced world filled with the pressure always to be working and innovating to all of a sudden being told to stop and do nothing. But if you stick to the rules and do the right thing by staying in your bubble this will all be over much quicker.

Who is another New Zealand designer you want to do a shout out to?

All of them! We’re so small in comparison to many, so I can’t imagine the headaches and stresses that other businesses are under dealing with multiple stores. Much love to you all!