Workshop Welcomes Masscob and ARMY By Yves Salomon

Masscob was born in La Coruña, Spain in 2003 and is defined by its feminine silhouettes and quality craftsmanship in favour of modern fluidity. The Spanish label is the duality of two personalities; feminine (Marga Massanet) and masculine (Jacobo Cobián). Emerging spontaneously from their own unique universe, Masscob's collections transform the simple into special.

ARMY by Yves Salomon was exiled to Siberia in 1910, Russian dissident Gregory Salomon learned the art of fur trading from local trappers. Salomon and his son spent more than 60 years purchasing skins for some of the biggest fashion house in Europe before his grandson Yves formed his own fur based fashion label in 1972. The ARMY line features six distinct collections; a highlight of the collections is the traditional military parkas embellished with fur trim.

Masscob and French label ARMY by Yves Salomon have been welcomed into the Workshop family. The two European brands can now be found exclusively at Workshop Newmarket and Ponsonby.