Yves Saint Laurent Beauty celebrates two new additions to the Mon Paris family with the launch of Mon Paris Couture Eau de Parfum and the matching limited-edition Mon Paris Couture Makeup Palette.

Mon Paris Couture Eau de Parfum is the third member of the Mon Paris legacy, joining the Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum - but with a different twist.

It is an Eau de Parfum that knows anything is possible; it takes you on a multi-faceted dive into the Paris beloved by lovers; and offers up a new couture chapter of wild love, where anything goes, and love is indeed limitless. The modern classic Mon Paris bottle once again presents itself beautifully with its softly rounded shoulders and multi-faceted glass that’s filled with a pale violet liquid.

The limited-edition collector’s Mon Paris Couture Makeup Palette is flirtatious, elegant and yet suitably free-spirited with silver polka dots on black satin. A shimmering highlighter, the micro-fine powder gives a glow of health, happiness and love to those who wear it.  Dust it over cheeks, the bridge of the nose, or the décolleté, for a radiant complexion.

The Mon Paris Couture collection celebrates a sparkling moment of an epic love affair between the city and couture.