After its launch in 2014, ethical fashion house Zady has expanded its range to include a variety of menswear options. The initial launch included a tight selection of essential products including an alpaca sweater and two classic button downs.

Alpaca fibre from a mill in Peru is used for the brands sweaters, with natural colours requiring no dye to prevent additional water pollution. Additionally, alpacas are considered lower-impact because their eating habits are better for the land.

Zady used Instagram as a platform to educate customers on the impacts of fast-fashion, promoting the benefits buying from the brand has.

“While Instagram is full of vivid imagery, we wanted to use this channel as a way to provide a series tone through elegantly crafted images,” said Maxine Bédat, co-founder, Zady.

Every Tuesday the brand posts a photo of the negative effects of fast-fashion, uncovered through the research done for its essentials collection.

“The goal is to create engagement and awareness. These posts have a weight with them that carries a dialogue with our follows,” said Bédat.