Charity Tree at Showroom 22

New Zealand public relations organisation, Showroom 22, has announced that this year its Christmas tree will be an un-official drop off point for women's charity, Dress For Success. Originally started by Nancy Lublin in New York City, 1996, the charity has grown into an international organisation empowering women by providing clothes and guidance through its 130 affiliates.

This year clients and friends of Showroom 22 have been invited to bring in any good condition clothing and accessories that are no longer needed in order to help women in Auckland find their footing in the job market.

Dress For Success takes donations of clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery, make-up, and bras, and are currently running low on handbags, make-up (lipsticks specifically), and plus-size clothing.

Showroom 22 will be taking all donations directly to Dress for Success on Friday 18 December, and asked that all donations be made to them by next Thursday.