Emanating fun and sexy vibes, the team at Matrix wanted to create a look that complemented the label while showcasing how hair can aid in telling a story and portraying emotion. The softness of the beach waves coupled with the freshness of the braid down one side encouraged a youthful and stylish vibe.

Create the look:
Distribute two golf-ball sized amounts of airy builder through the hair from roots to tips and blow dry in. Centre part the hair.
Beginning at the nape, take vertical, diagonal sections approximately 5cm wide and 10cm deep (depending on thickness of hair) and wave in same. Alternate directions for entire sections as you move up the head. Once to the top, ensure both sides at front are turning away from the face. Leave to cool before finger brushing through.
Take a triangle section 2cm in from front hairline and smooth using a very small amount of Indian Oil and braid a tight inverted French braid to just past ear then plait the ends to mid nape. Whilst holding ends of braid, start at the bottom and lightly pull each section of braid out. Attach braid to nape by taking a small 1cm section at nape and tying braid off tightly to the pony.
Puff Height Riser through hair to give lift at front and fullness throughout curls.
Finish with Style Fixer to ensure your look lasts all day.