Berlei brand ambassador Serena Williams caught up with the women's lingerie brand to discuss the much-anticipated birth of her first child this September. During the interview, Williams opened up about her experience and how she manages being pregnant while still being Serena Williams.

On accidentally revealing the pregnancy via Snapchat, Williams admits she was "mortified". However, she did not look back with regret, and instead realised that this made the announcement "real and honest". "At the end of the day, I think it ended up being a really funny story so I wasn't upset for too long," she said.

Williams said that the highlight of her pregnancy was watching the baby grow. When asked about what has changed in her life since becoming pregnant, Williams reveals that carrying a child has changed her priorities. "I think baby is a big priority for me right now," she said. "I think for the rest of my life I definitely want the baby to have my full attention." However, she quickly adds that being able to look after herself is still just as important. "I really think it is important to love yourself, and to take care of yourself first, while, looking out for the best interests of others at the same time. You can’t help other people if you are not in a good place inside or if you are not able to help yourself."

On managing being a mother while still putting herself first, "Sometimes in life you have to be selfish if it means your well being and if it means you are taking care of yourself," Williams said. "There is a really fine line there and hopefully baby will understand," she added with a chuckle. Williams shared that she has been taking care of herself a lot more recently instead of being her usual workaholic self. "I definitely try to find time to try and take care of myself, have Serena time, so in essence, I am taking care of the baby."