A fashion alternative to breast reconstruction

Breast cancer is the third most common cancer in New Zealand, with the most common sufferers being that of the 50+ age group. For many women who have battled against this cancer, breast reconstruction is the next step on their road to recovery. However, new alternatives to this procedure are making their way into the mainstream.

MyReflection has developed a customised breast prosthesis for women who do not want to undergo more surgery but are looking for a way to return to their previous shape. The innovation is being launched in New Zealand in association with lingerie company Bendon.

Bendon’s Newmarket store in Auckland will host a photographic scanning facility for women looking for custom prostheses.  The scan creates a 3D map from which the prosthesis can be created to accurately match the shape of each woman’s chest, torso and waist. Women are being offered a free scan and consultation with a professional technician at the launch of the service. Following this initial launch, more services are expected to be rolled out in Bendon stores across the country.

Tim Carr, the MyReflection director, released a statement praising their innovations and expressing his team’s excitement to help women around the country. “It has been such a personal journey for us,” said Carr. “We are really excited to be able to share this product with other women who are going through or have been through what we have. If we can improve the quality of life of women who have been through the hell of breast cancer and help to restore their self-image, then it is all worth it.”