A glimpse into retail’s future courtesy of Lego and Snapchat

Two of the world’s most well-known companies have teamed up for their first venture into the fashion industry. Lego has collaborated with Snapchat to blend digital innovation with the world of fashion.

The brands pulled together to open a pop-up store in London which featured their new fashion collection, but the event seemed to be missing one crucial element – the physical clothes. The brands used augmented reality to launch their collaborative streetwear line, meaning there were no real clothes in sight, giving customers a unique retail experiment that offered a glimpse into the future of shopping.

People visiting the pop-up store were greeted with an empty room where they were given a Snapchat code to access the hidden digital room that was hiding in plain sight. They were then free to roam around the space and explore all of the creative and amusing areas of the virtual store through their phones.

The styles presented by the brands were a mixture of logoed apparel including t-shirts, hats and sweatshirts, produced for Lego by the Danish company Kabooki. Despite the involvement of the children’s toy brand, the garments were very much target towards a mature consumer group, with a heavy night club theme running through both the clothes’ designs and the store’s appearance.

Will Scougal, the director of creative strategy for Snapchat, spoke excitedly about the brands’ intentions with this new project. “Once the Lens experience was built, we took the call to launch the shop that can open anywhere at any time by opening a retail space that was empty, except for a Snapcode. This was a call to action and a symbol that told Snapchatters they could open the shop, explore and buy the new limited-edition collection wherever they were in the world.”

While this new retail experience is not without its holes, as consumers cannot feel or try on clothes, it none the less provides an exciting glimpse into the future of retailing.