A preview of Giorgio Armani’s upcoming campaign

Giorgio Armani is a leader in luxury menswear, and the brand is preparing to embrace a more personal approach to dressing their elite clientele.

The luxury fashion house is preparing to release their latest Made to Measure campaign which promises a customisable look for clients who are looking to infuse a sense of their own personality into their fashion choices.

The campaign is subtle, with black and white photography and little styling to allow the suits and their wearers to shine. The intent of the campaign was to highlight the unique characteristics of each individual, which is symbolic of the one-of-a-kind nature of the brand’s made to measure suits. The mosaic of ages, personalities and cultures in Giorgio Armani’s campaign demonstrate the extensive range of consumers which they intend on engaging for their upcoming spring/summer season.

The campaign, photographed by Brigitte Lacombe, will be released internationally next month.