V A N I A started from the desire and aim of keeping the art of handmade, alive. V A N I A takes inspiration from nature and its varying colours, music and how it makes us feel to the ever-enriching experience of travel.

V A N I A designs for all dreamers and wandering souls. Each piece is handcrafted with love, care and dedication here in New Zealand, utilizing A-grade gemstones and semi-precious metals only.

V A N I A has launched three beautiful and unique collections up to date. Amuleto bracelets being their debut range. These bracelets allow wearers to be constantly reminded of the healing powers of gemstones and to be connected to Mother Nature no matter where they are or what they do.

Then things got a bit more girly and sparkly with the launch of their Stardust bracelet range. Stardust is comprised of dainty fine and iridescent bracelets that resemble the night sky. Designed to be stacked together, this range is great for evening adventures or daytime wandering.

The V A N I A brand ethos encapsulates the feelings of daydreaming of faraway places, of our lovers and of warmer days. Thus, we see the birth of their third range. Their Daydreamer earrings are handmade from scratch with 14 karat gold-filled wire.

Effortless but luxe, timeless but with a bohemian edge is what describes V A N I A. The brand encourages people to try new things, to travel, to explore and most importantly to stay curious.

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