lorna Jane

Property Rights have been applied to Australian activewear chain, Lorna Jane in a bid to combat the rise of cheap replicas entering the market. The Brisbane-based chain aims to protect the integrity of the brand’s innovative fashion-forward designs. Around 70 to 100 new styles arrive in-store and online each month.

Lorna Jane report that a number of activewear and lifestyle brands on the market have begun releasing copies of Lorna Jane’s designs using cheap fabrics and poor quality construction methods. Founder, Lorna Jane Clarkson, is heavily involved in the garment process, from the initial design phase to the final garment fittings.

“Lorna Jane garments are made by active women for active women, and we take great pride in developing high tech fashion-forward pieces to suit every woman’s active lifestyle,” Clarkson said.

The brand plans to take action against any brands that are seen to be selling or producing cheap replicas of its registered designs.

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