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Adrian Hailwood loves showing at NZ Fashion Week because it allows him to explore the entire creativity of his brand. This will be Hailwood’s 14th year at NZ Fashion Week and it will be applauded by the strong following he has gained over the years. Adrian began his career in advertising and graphic design, but when his t-shirts designed for commercial purpose gained a demand he embraced the opportunity to move into fashion. At his flagship store on Karangahape Road, Adrian shows a Billboard magazine with Lorde on the cover, on the cusp of stardom and in his dress. This and a stranger in a restaurant telling him she still wears a Hailwood dress she bought for her 21st birthday twelve years ago, are two of Adrian’s career highlights. Adrian is simply inspired by people. He is forever grateful for the backing he has had from Rick and Josephine Ball, who he calls Hailwood’s sugar daddy and mama. Hailwood’s designs are packed with personality and designed to stay with its buyer for years to come. The thing Adrian dislikes about fashion is the ‘now’ mindset of fast fashion customers. He hopes customers will think more ethically about their purchases and this may explain why his favourite thing about fashion is the old world couture skills that create perfect handmade finishings to last a lifetime. With Hailwood always looking to branch out into new areas like shoes, accessories and denim, there is no wonder his customers are interested in what Hailwood will do next while still having that 12-year-old dress in their wardrobe.

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