Airline Celebrates LA Fashion Week In An Interesting Way

If you happen to be flying Air New Zealand between 14th and 16th March you're in luck. Stylist Laura Martin will be casting her eye over passengers flying from LAX to London Heathrow on Air Zealand flights and if you catch her eye, you might just be in for a treat. Hint: She will be in Heathrow's Terminal 2.

Giveaways include the chance to upgrade and enjoy lie flat beds in Business Premier, lounge access, a glass of champagne on departure or complimentary amenity kits complete with New Zealand made Antipodes skincare lip balm, socks, eyeshades, toothbrush kit and more.

See Laura's style tips below:

  • LA overall, is very laid back in terms of ‘look’ – largely driven by the weather. There is this effortless cool factor; a sort of unencumbered lifestyle driven by personal tastes rather than a necessity to battle the elements on a daily basis. It's modern and accessible which means anyone can play a part in it.
  • LA fashion is also very diverse and this is influenced by the number of unique towns that all have their own personality and style. The beach towns are very laid-back with the surfer culture: lots of shorts, denim, flip flops – heels are a big no no! Comparatively, Beverley Hills is more designer and polished. Hollywood is a mixed zone. Then as you head to the hip areas of east LA, Silverlake, Echo Park, there is a huge hipster culture exuded by a love of hats and big moustaches - 70's Vintage is one of the main vibes here.
  • Whether people are rockers, hippies, or skaters, in LA they describe their style as 'free'. It’s cool, casual, eclectic, effortless basically anything goes and designers are tapping into it.
  • One element that’s consistent across all LA style is the incorporation of accessories. Big hats and sunglasses are a must and for women these can often be accompanied by fashion jewellery, and the right handbag!