Founded last year by Julie Landon and Kristina Rarere, Akari is a beauty brand that aims to make skin feel good, not just look it. Named for the Rarotongan word for coconut, the brand uses the famously soothing oil to bring the healing powers of the Pacific to customers across New Zealand, Australia, and Rarotonga.

The two founders worked for five years researching, developing, and trialing Pacific-inspired products to create products that are of therapeutic benefit as well as improving the look and feel of customers’ skin.

Longtime friends Landon and Rarere started their skincare journey after successfully creating a hypoallergenic and fragrant insect repellent – not an easy task. It comes as a cream and doubles as a moisturiser, and worked so well that the duo still offer it today.

Akari boasts a small but indulgent range of eight effective products, all of which are tailored perfectly to their purpose. The shampoo and conditioner duo is filled with rosemary oil and pro vitamin B5 to strip sebum build up in the hair alongside improving the condition of irritated, flaky scalps.

The Himalayan Salt and Grapefruit Body Scrub helps with lymphatic drainage and gently polishes skin, and the famous Audrey's Skin Repair Serum is packed with Black Cumin Seed and Sea Buckthorn to aid in reducing burning sensations and scarring.

The Serum is named for Julie's sister, who came to the duo when the radiation treatment for her breast cancer damaged her skin. The Serum was created to alleviate burning and redness, and worked so well it’s now used by other patients undergoing the treatment. It’s available as a daily treatment for the face and body – for anyone.

Akari is a brand rooted in therapeutic benefits, and aims to provide spa-quality lushness while helping customers eliminate man-made chemicals from their daily lives. All products are sulphate and paraben free, vegan friendly, and packaged with recyclable materials.

Landon and Rarere develop, produce, and distribute the range themselves. They’re personally invested in the quality and efficacy of their products, and hope to keep improving the lives of the sensitive-skinned with future lines.

For more information or to become an Akari stockist, email Julie Landon at info@akari.co.nz.