Packaging-free Makeup Is A Thing

Ethical beauty brand, Lush is a firm supporter of environmentally friendly products and does not stop delighting its customers with new ways of being eco-conscious.
Last June, the brand launched a revolutionary product in terms of packaging. Joining the already existing solid and “naked” range, which is composed of hair products, fragrances, toothpaste and sunblock, is Slap Stick. The latest product is a foundation stick that is 100% Vegan, made of maximum natural ingredients and minimal preservatives and is packaging-free, in order to regulate the amount of plastic ending up in our oceans.
The range counts forty different shades targeting cool, neutral and warm undertones.
The egg-shaped product is dipped in peelable wax and comes in recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes.

With customers becoming more aware of the products they are buying and the damage plastic has on our planet, Lush’s initiative is a step in the right direction and towards a more responsible and ethical industry. “We want people to pay for the quality of our products, not for their shell,” says Kayley Thomas, Project /manager and leader of the makeup division at Lush “We had to shift consumers’ preconceptions and show them that a good foundation doesn’t need fancy packaging to be of high quality.”

In order to take the initiative further and turn it into a durable packaging solution, Lush is looking into developing a “makeup bag”, created to protect all the “naked” products, and is hoping to be the one leading the ethical revolution.