Allbirds New Innovative Material Formulation

Allbirds has developed a brand new material formulation called TrinoXO. TrinoXO combines their existing Trino blend (a mixture of tree and merino fibres), spun with Chitosan— a naturally occurring fibre derived from crab shells. Never before has pure Chitosan fibre been used at this kind of scale in apparel.

Chitosan fibres are derived from a waste stream, however, they result in material that keeps the wearer fresher for longer, therefore, reducing our need for energy-intensive washes.

This launch is a natural evolution for Allbirds, in both their product offering and their technical innovation.

This story of business, design and innovation sees some of our proud kiwi expats Tim Brown and Jamie McLellan pushing boundaries on a global scale. This is such a special time in the brand’s history, as they explore what’s possible.

The TrinoXO Tee is the perfect everyday tee made from snow crabs that are caught in the Labrador Sea off the coast of New Foundland, Canada. These shells would have otherwise been thrown out and into the waste stream.

The unique Chitosan material keeps you naturally fresh without being harmful to the planet.