American Retail's Black Friday


America is squabbling over Thanksgiving retail hours.

 Thanksgiving is a day people traditionally spend with family, friends and turkey yet in recent years, the 'Black Friday creep' has caused low-wage workers to miss out so they can staff the start of the year's busiest shopping season. Macy's, in particular, has confirmed to media outlets that it will open stores to Black Friday shoppers at 6 p.m on Thanksgiving day, which is two hours earlier than it opened last year.

This happened last year too, with dozens of retailers opening their doors earlier than ever to get the most out of the holiday shopping season. Walmart kicked off its Black Friday deals at 6 p.m and Target opened at 8 o'clock on Thanksgiving.

Macy's spokesperson explained that Thanksgiving shifts had already been filled voluntarily and workers who take opening shifts on the holiday will be compensated with 'incentive pay.'

The company has already announced that it plans to hire 86,000 additional workers to staff the holiday season.

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