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Andrea Moore didn't follow the fashion road immediately.  Initially, she studied history at University and then spent a year teaching English in Japan. This changed when, one morning Andrea woke up and realized she had to re-focus on her fashion design dream, she has always wanted to be a designer. Andrea left Japan, went home to NZ and enrolled at Wellington Polytech. After graduation she worked for a short time with other labels, but ended up starting her own label in 1997.

Andrea is really proud of her "The Hunt" AW 13 collection because it marked a big change in the direction of the label. The team started designing their own prints for the first time and it was satisfying to see how well those prints were received by media here and overseas.

The Andrea Moore label celebrates women and individuality with bold colour, witty signature prints and flattering silhouettes. Its about women choosing styles that emphasis their personality in a very contemporary way, rather than dictating a set of seasonal fashion rules.

Art, colour, shapes and interiors inspire Andrea, as well as pieces from previous seasons that she likes to work on and develop. What Andrea loves about fashion is that it is fluid and constantly changing. Every season there is something new. She is not into trends as much as she is into colour, beautiful prints, well-structured clothing and attention to detail that can be developed each season.

Andrea does not appreciate the urge to fit in that some people feel with fashion. She believes that to be part of a trend means you are somehow conforming to a uniform of sorts, as Doctor Seuss said “why fit in when you were born to stand out.”

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