Anna Petry, RMIT

This emerging designer studied alongside her twin sister, and the two are preparing to launch a brand which combines each of their creative visions. “Throughout our childhood, we would make things from anything we could get our hands on and make up stories and clothes for our dolls,” shared Anna Petry. Petry has always known that fashion was going to be a part of her future; there was simply no other path in mind. The designer presented a unique five look collection for iD Dunedin Fashion Week. “I wanted to create a sense of nostalgia with my collection,” revealed Petry. “The collection centres around a narrative of a child cutting up pieces from her mother’s closet, along with couches and the curtains from the lounge room.” The designer merged untraditional fabrics with complex techniques to create a one of a kind presentation. “My favourite piece from the collection is a tailored houndstooth curtain jacket. It was the most enjoyable thing to make because it felt like the first time the collection really came together. Merging the curtain elements with the tailored jacket was a memorable moment.”

Petry’s collection was influenced by other designers and the pop culture she interacts with, including books and movies. “A really good narrative inspires me to think about things differently,” she disclosed. “There are also lots of amazing artists and designers that I am inspired by such as Erwin Wurm, Bless and Cosmic Wonder.” Her own childhood played a large part in guiding her collection as well. “I was that kid who just wanted to rip apart anything she could get her hands on. Within the collection, I utilised fabrics such as velvet, wool suiting and plastic to mesh all of these ideas together.” Petry expressed her intention to carry these inspirations with her as she heads overseas to begin her career. “I want to travel and do an internship in London. I am excited just to gather as much experience as I can.”