Apple Skin is the New Leather

apple skin

The fashion scene is ever-changing as consumers become more eco-conscious. Fashion is now no longer just about the latest styles, but also about sustainability and ethicality.

Miomojo is a cutting-edge fashion brand promoting fashion that is considerate of the environment and humanity. All their products are exclusively made from recycled and/or organic materials.

AppleSkin, a by-product of the apple juice industry, is used as one of their alternatives for leather. Apple discards are dried and minced into apple powder, which are later mixed with a dye component. Then the mixture is coagulated onto textiles to create AppleSkin.

Other leather alternatives include corn leather bio-derived from industrial corn plantations and cactus leather made from mature cactus leaves.

Miomojo finds wealth in waste and uses the latest innovative materials made from leftovers in the food industry to produce fashion that not only reduces our ecological footprint but also saves animals.