ASOS Praised For Realistic Representation

Most fashion campaigns and imagery ignore the natural and unavoidable parts of life for men and women all over the globe. So it's fair to say people were surprised when ASOS released new swimwear and intimate garments online with no retouching. Muffin tops, acne scars and stretch marks; all natural occurrences that can be found in the online retailer. The original tweet got over 52,000 retweets and people from across the world were excited to see normal people and congratulated the brand's efforts. However, despite this win, some still complained of the thinness of the models used. ASOS was also recently in trouble for labelling a UK10 size as a Large, which they claimed was a technical glitch.

Body positivity has been gaining momentum and doesn't look like it's stopping anytime soon. Hopefully, natural can become the new norm in the next few years. Even a hand full of Victoria's Secret Angels started a body-positive ad campaign with plus size models titled #ImNoAngel. Target has also jumped on the band wagon with its own body-positive swimwear campaign which they wanted to "represent swim in a way that's true-to-life, and traditional retouching just didn't jibe with that idea".