Entrepreneur Jessica Wilson has taken her tinder inspired fashion app, Stashd, and showcased it in front of millions.

Wilson travelled to Shanghai at the request of Chinese reality show The Next Unicorn and has gone on to win AU$2.5 million worth of start-up funding. The Next Unicorn is described as a cross between The Shark Tank and The X-Factor, pitting 55 start-ups against each other in search of a “unicorn”.

“We’ve completely picked up Stashd, shaken it and tailored it to the Chinese market, said Wilson.

The app emulates a global digital fashion mall and allows users to select or reject clothes by swiping left or right, in the same style of Tinder. Stashd is partnered with brands including ASOS, Net-a-porter, Farfetch and Estee Lauder, taking home roughly 10 percent of the sales proceeds.

"It's definitely a crowded market in China but I think one of the edges we have is that we have access to a lot of Western clothing - people in China absolutely love their Western brands," said Wilson.