Avant-Garde Children’s Wear

Infantium Victoria is introducing edgy and avant-garde design to children’s wear. The label combines unconventional design with comfort and movability to fit the diverse requirements of a fashion-forward children’s wear brand.

The brand's collections echo the fantastical whimsey of childhood, with exaggerated proportions, asymmetrical lines and contrasting fabrics. The collection's approach children’s wear beyond the bounds of functionality and traditional gender signifiers. The result is a series of almost costume-like apparel that is fun and flamboyant as well as sophisticated.

The label has been praised for their original take on children’s wear as well as their environmentally sustainable approach to fashion. Infantium Victoria’s collections use organic cotton and low impact dyes in 100 percent GOTS certified factories. Their mindfulness has been impressive in the eyes of consumers and industry professionals alike. The brand was the winner of the PETA Vegan Award for 2018, for their employment of plant-based materials in the construction of their garments and their adherence to a 100 percent cruelty-free business model.

Infantium Victoria was first founded in 2014, and with their eyes on both environmental sustainability and out of the box designs their future in the industry looks promising.