Body Positive Lingerie

Lemonade Dolls is the new lingerie brand striking back against exclusive fashion houses, such as Victoria’s Secret, by creating a range of undergarments which are fun, inclusive and include a body positive message.

The brand was launched by British fashion mogul Caren Downie and the singer-songwriter known as Lemon. The two came together to create a brand that was inclusive of all body types and placed value on sisterhood, loving other women and building them up rather than tearing them down.

The company’s collections include bralettes in a variety of bright and bold colours, thongs and printed underwear with fun and empowering phrases. Sizes range from an 8 to a 22 and the brand is continuing to develop both their styles of fit and the fun emblazoned slogans.

What separates this brand from many others is the unique interactive elements they are bringing to the table. There has been overwhelming support for the brands subscription-based model, whereby consumers select their sizes and are sent two pairs of underwear every month with a 10 percent discount. The subscription also included personal videos from Lemon and invitations to brand events, all in an effort to foster a strong ‘girl-power’ community. The brand’s video platform “Tit Talks” includes interviews with inspiring women who are dominating their respective industries, such as Kelly Knox, who was the first disabled model to walk the runway for London Fashion Week. The brands out of the box attempts to unite women have created a strong consumer base for the company, which bodes well for their future.

Lemonade Dolls is looking to expand with a pop-up launch in Oxford Circus’s Top Shop on the 27th of January. The brand's strong body positive message is standing out for all the right reasons, leaving old-school lingerie houses in the dust.