Bardot ‘plucks’ ostrich feathers from collections

Australian fashion brand Bardot confirms compassionate decision to stop using ostrich feathers in their future collections after seeing the conditions captured by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) of how ostriches are farmed for their feathers.

The footage shows graphic imagery of workers violently slaughtering ostriches by forcing them into stun boxes and slitting their throats.

Bardot's CEO, Basil Artemides, states that "after becoming aware of these sourcing issues and post the feedback from our consumers, we have cancelled, at substantial cost, all work in progress and future orders".

PETA spokesperson Emily Rice says "more and more consumers are turning their backs on fashion items that spell suffering for animals". She is thrilled, like the rest of us, that Bardot has made the decision to remove them in their future collections.

The horror of sourcing ostrich feathers remains relatively unknown to the consumer, it is with organisations such as PETA and leading brands like Bardot that makes such stories known to the everyday consumer. It is extremely disheartening to see the inhumane treatment to animals and it's also important to know that ostriches do not just lose feathers. The only way for feathers to be collected is through violent and abusive means.

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