Botany Town Centre’s grand reveal

Botany Town centre hosted a grand reveal earlier today, as the first stage of their $78 million redevelopments was opened to the public.

The shopping centre has been expanded to 62,700sqm with the number of stores in the complex increasing to over 200, with new fashion and lifestyle brands taking the focus. These retailers include H&M, Decjuba, Platypus and Mecca Maxima, which are expected to increase foot traffic in the already popular east Auckland destination.

AMP Capital managed the development of the shopping complex and released a celebratory statement following the centre’s latest opening. “AMP Capital is pleased to unveil the first stage of the development and deliver a premier shopping centre experience for our customers, retailers and investors. Thank you to the owners for their investment in this development and their support for the centre.”

The complex is hosting a celebration for the reveal, taking place from the second to the fifth of May, featuring a selection of events.