Connecting Two Legendary Icons For Fun Filled Collaboration

The year 2020 has been filled with turmoil and changed the way humanity connects with one another. A new collaboration has risen with the innate desire to stay connected with those we love. With the discovery of an original Walt Disney Mickey Mouse animation from the 1930s, showing Mickey and Minnie chatting on the phone, the idea for a collection that celebrates the joy of connection was born between Levi's and Disney. The original illustration has ignited a light hearted, fun filled fashion collaboration.
"The image said it all," explained Karyn Hillman of Levi’s. "We instantly knew that we wanted to do a collection built around the idea of staying connected and we wanted to utilise these iconic Disney characters to tell that story."
Tapping into the two brands legendary iconography for a vibrant and colourful collection, this unique collaboration showcases characters interacting across a range of modern Levi's silhouettes. The Levi’s x Disney Mickey & Friends collaboration tells a graphic story of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Goofy staying connected, staying true and celebrates how joyful life can be as long as you’re together, even when you’re apart.