Creed II

Creed II is the latest instalment of the boxing movie genre, the film picks up decades after the Oscar-winning Rocky franchise and follows the boxing legends apprentice Adonis Creed in his journey to the top. The latest instalment saw Creed face a foe from the past, the son of the man who killed his father in a match that never should have happened. Adonis faces many trials in the film in both his professional and personal life.

Much of the film took place in the middle of a populated city, costume designer Lizz Wolf created sleek street style looks for the characters which captured the cool stylishness of urban life. Both Adonis Creed and his leading lady Bianca epitomise sleek city fashion. The costuming is very on trend with heavy layers, baggy jackets and label footwear being staples for both characters. Bianca’s long, intricately braided hair and gold jewellery are a part of her signature style, and the character is painted as a style icon. Creed’s style appears cool and effortless, his hair and beard styled delicately.

The film's costumes appeared both relaxed and stylish. The diversity of streetwear was demonstrated in this film, as outfits which varied from ringside glamour to at home life all carried the same cool urban chicness. This film was very much a celebration of city streetwear.