The Children Act

This gut-wrenching new drama featured moving performances from some of Hollywood’s greatest talents. Emma Thomson played Fiona Maye, a judge facing the most ethically challenging case of her career all while her failed marriage falls apart. Thompson combined stunning sophistication with an emotional rawness to create a memorable performance.

Costume designer Fotini Dimou supported Thompson’s unforgettable performance with a generous and refined wardrobe for the character. Her character is presented with the utmost sophistication and style. Her formal courtroom attire was sleek and respectable, with dashes of personality through the ensembles to give them a unique flair. Silk blouses and structured dresses held a strong position in Maye’s wardrobe, along with her signature pearl earrings, which spoke to the respectability and timeless style of the character.

Maye always appeared put together and on top of both her mind and her style, which made her eventual breakdown that much more significant for audiences. Maye reached an emotional breaking point in the film which is presented beautifully through Thompson's heartfelt performance and the character’s poignant styling. Maye wore a stunning floor-length emerald gown but was drenched from head to toe, and her usually quaffed hair hung limply around her face. The contrasting elements in this moment combined to create a saddening presentation that audiences will eat up.

Dimou cleverly manipulated the costumes in this new film to complement the actors’ storytelling and to tell a unique visual story of his own.